Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You don't think it's propaganda?! I do, why? Swine Flu!


WHO (World Health Organization) is considering going to "LEVEL 6" on the pandemic scale. They say the flu is still spreading rapidly throughout the world. That's great but WHO did you know "who" the swine flu isn't really affecting especially compared to the regular flu? Pretty much everyone, I mean there have been around a few hundred cases in the U.S., with like fewer than 10 deaths. Oh, and most of the deaths the people had compromised immune systems (no shit)! WHO is still trying to hype it, I mean maybe if it had been as bad as msn lied about in this article (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30453688/). It's killed less people than the normal flu and the people it is killing would just as easily die from the flu. Why doesn't WHO quit and do something about a real pandemic? "A real pandemmec?", yeah like AIDS and HIV which has already infected MILLIONS and there is no cure. Then again why would the government want to take responsibility for an escaped bioweapon? Don't say it isn't, I mean it has two stages like no other known virus. You're infected and it rests inside you for 5-8 YEARS then it goes crazy. That was a biology lesson for those who failed biology or are just uneducated idiots. Now I'm not Einstein but I reesearrchhh, then I realized hey the government wants to screw us over. If medical companies cure AIDs people will get rid of it, eventually. Now if they bullshit us and give us "treatments" they make way more money in the long haul.

I regress they are putting millions into a vaccine for a flu strain with normal lethality, yet AIDS that is 100% fatal eventually (except for Magic Johnson, I know he still has HIV. Luckily for him it hasn't turned in AIDS.) isn't that big a deal? The 1976 swine flu killed 1 person and the vaccine killed over 20 people, do the math. The government wanted EVERYONE to get a vaccine because the fear of another pandemic like in 1918. The LA Times ( http://articles.latimes.com/2009/apr/27/science/sci-swine-history27) spins and says oh the medicine is much better now and this and that. It's definitely better now ,but spending millions when the economy is in more trouble than a bungee jumper without a harness. That's just stupid and then vaccinating the people just in case, like HPV vaccine that's for just in case (and killing tons of young girls). Please don't let the media make you blind the government needs swine flu out of the spotlight so when it has another little comeback they can be the saviors. Ignorance is bliss unless your about to be ENSLAVED!

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