Sunday, June 7, 2009

Financial Fallout!

The link above doesn't link you directly to a article about financial catastrophe. The link, will link you to a msn web page that connects to hundreds of articles about the economic apocalypse, such as the DOW dying as dead as a doorknob ( The economy is in the tank we know that, even if you HAVE been living under a rock for the past 3 years you STILL probably know about the state of the economy. The best way to guarantee the economy dies, besides sucking the lifeblood (taxpayer TRILLIONS) out of it, is to make people FEAR investing, fear, fear, and more FEAR. Tom... shouldn't we fear the stock market and investing? Fear it, no, be very cautious and don't rush things YES. If we don't atleast make an attempt to stop the boulder from rolling down the hill in towards town we might as well help speed it up. There are smart investments out there, I'm no investor and I don't suggest going to a weaseling stockbrocker, RESEARCH. You learn a little, little bit from government education, but you learn A LOT and the TRUTH from independent research and talking to your fellow citizens! I just finished a talk show on my (, I got so worked up I had to end it 10 minutes early. Now it was better than my 2 previous attempts which were ended either immediately or butchered like a beef cow. It was good and informative then I went through the news too fast and started recycling (which would of been ok) stuff I'd talked about earlier. Then I just got into it and started forgetting who ran what so it got a little too hectic, but I enjoyed it (except for the my throat tearing). If you enjoy truth and freedom or this blog then you'll love the show. Remember if you break a economic criminals right arm (EXCESSIVE taxes), he can still slit your throat with the left (hyper inflation).

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