Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrity News isn't NEWS

As I said in my last blog, part of this sites job is to inform you not only on news that the mainstream twists but news that really isn't NEWS. Example: (these are BOGUS examples btw) NEWS: Obama announces GM headquarters was just a CIA secret base, NOT NEWS: Lindsey Lohan says she isn't the only celebrity with fake boobs. The first example is what would be a media twist by acting like it is not big deal, the second example matters to nobody except some airheaded bimbo with no life. You want to learn that Britney Spears has had more sex the universe has stars, FINE! Don't put in on the damn NEWS, put it on ET or E!, foxnews, cnn, msnbc are SUPPOSED to be for information that could affect you or the world. NEWSFLASH the religion of Tom Cruise is of zero coincidence to anyone! Now if the news is over media controversy like was American Idol biased against gays, that's kinda news that you discuss for less than 5 minutes then move forward. That is not the friggin' headline for the next three days! Mainstream Media- mixing mush with misinformation to feed to mechanically morphed morons.

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