Thursday, June 11, 2009

When Tyranny is about to die, more and more lies it will try.

The title of this post is because the evils in the District of Criminals are being defeated slowly as the Federal Reserve slowly dies. I mean it's going to be audited as the vote to do that is slowly reaching a passable majority. So the "WMD's" were a lie and the "terrorists are everywhere and gonna getcha" line is dying like a deer struck by an eighteen wheeler. In reality, North Korea is dangerous but do we really need to go to war with them? NOOOO!!! Dangerous and a THREAT are different, example (dangerous= Iran, North Korea vs threat=USSR, Nazi Germany) Then Don't try and start another TRILLION dollar war with a dangerous nation whose dictator is dying and the country is a cesspool. I mean North Korea is a worthless piece of shit nation, until they or the US government proves without a doubt they will be a THREAT or VERY REAL DANGER (like they actually provoke something, that's not a Gulf of Tonkin hoax). I mean enough with this bullshit fox, yahoo, google, cnn, and msn we don't want your crap! We (Americans) want to help out countries like Iran who have election fraud by diplomacy not slaughtering anyone who isn't white and has a crazy leader (who obviously is LOVED by EVERYONE..cough..cough). You have proven fear mongering is all you really do, not reporting. All these semi-corporate, semi-state run media outlets dance around about the "IMMINENT DANGER" of Iran and North Korea. Why? Not for peace and prosperity, no because they know war = money, ratings, and most importantly power. Just because some nations are assholes doesn't mean we have FORCE them to become a DEMOCRACY... that doesn't sound very democratic to me. Since liberty is almost dead, soon tyranny will take its stead!

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