Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cycling through sites, blogs, vlogs, and more

I try to keep my blog on the political issues but there are two problems with that: 1) There is always political BULL to rant and rave about ,but eventually that would be boring day after day and then day in and day out. Therefore I will add my hatred of the not real "news" with blogs on important stories these little media whores love to ignore. 2) NOBODY will hear the REAL NEWS (you know the shit that fucks with everyday Americans) and nobody with similar ideas will be able to congregate here or if they become fans (ok, seriously nobody will give a rat's rear end about this blog in the long run).

I need to promote and am trying to connect TONS of people and that way we can become another small or hopefully in a few years large political force or group. So I'm going to put all the links to my other outlets like,, and ect on the website so it creates a CYCLE of going from here to there and back. Hopefully, people will look into stories and media lies/political poison, themselves because that's the main purpose of these websites. The different mediums will connect different people to the truth and bring more people together in a congregation of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Listen, I'm not here to be a Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Alan Colmes in amount of viewers, listeners, readers, or what have you, but my goal is just to match the audience size of less renowned hosts like Rollye James, and local/latenight talk show hosts (roughly a 5 to 10 thousand, which is minuscule in a world of roughly 6,800,000,000 ). I know they probably have more like 10's and 10's of thousands of listeners/viewers but I don't need an audience THAT big (though I'd LIKE it). Now everybody who comes to the blog will be whining "You just want fame and money". No, my family is supporting me as I'm in college, so I don't NEED money. Unlike politicians I'll be honest, I would LIKE some money and a little popularity. Now my main point, my love, my dream is to bring the people with different ideas together and recreate a melting pot that made America great. Not a demopublicans and republicrats drone society, I think government can only be change by a large demographic of people coming together to use the system against itself and electing true constitutional leaders. My idea for America isn't a new idea in fact it's over 200 years old and guess what it worked until about the early 1900's when corruption infested the system like it will do for as long as we live on God's green (especially green if Al Gore whores out global warming until he's blue (or green) in the face) earth.

I'm going to plug in the other channels and outlets I'm using to create a place for the millions (in reality there are millions of US out there) who are ticked off with "politicks" as usual. Long Live Liberty, We Will Defeat Tyranny!

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