Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm back but I wasn't gone and Government is going BAT SHIT CRAZY!

Obama is going wild with this, that and the other thing

I hate the html crap that appears when I do a blog and I figured out after weeks of wondering I had it on "edit html" instead of "compose". Where have I been well if you gave a rat's ass about that you would of seen my twitter update a day or so ago that I've been busy in collegiate activity and other family matters (Oh and of course me being a lazy ass). The above link is to a reuters page about Obama has so much do deal with and all the trouble's he is facing. I wanted to put my two cents worth in on what he should do but some of you will say "Tom or Politico" or whatever the hell you call me, we can't do that...blah..blah..blah. You are right, WE can't but he's the supposedly most powerful person in the world (which is to say he is the figure head of the money, greed, and power monster that controls everything). It talks about the Afghan War and Iraq War, problem what to do? Well considering we went over there on a false basis and are occupying these countries, let's hand it over to Iraq and Afghanistan and not have more of our heroes die. I call them heroes because they put their lives on the line for what they believe whether I disagree with the war is 10000000000000% irrelevant in that context. We drop the war and give it over to those in charge and not be occupiers like Soviets in the 40's. Iran vs Israel? Why do we feel we have to slave to Israel, I believe in the end they are the chosen land but it is the people of God not a corrupted government who wants nothing more than power who will truly inhabit this land. Let Israel be, the true Israel will be protected by God's divine hand and everything will be ok in the end or it is all for naught to be helping them in the first place. Lastly, the G20 and UN shit, drop out those corrupt bastard want more power and have no interest in the stability of a particular state, just their ability to fuck people over. I say we leave and tell them to go fuck themselves and that we will deal with each country on a country by country basis. I have work to do and this probably won't be read and probably has innumerable amounts of grammatical errors like all my other posts so......"Fuck the United Nazis aka UN"