Monday, June 15, 2009

Out for A Duration!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also my tapa diez funny pics (top ten... i think)

I, PoliticoTom, Tom, Thomas or whatever will be out for around six weeks. The reason for my absence? Don't worry about it seriously, not that you EVEN GIVE A SHIT . So the nonexistent audience should keep on commenting and other shit. Keep on, keeping on... man that shit is corny. To make my absence less overwhelming look at these top 10 funny pics!

10) Hot Chik
9) Kids
8) Das Hund
7) Holy Moses
6) More Chiks
5) The Cops
3)Just Wrong
2) Pokemon
1) Numero Uno (Highly Inappropriate but at the same time)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Global Warming (I mean climate change..cough..cough) isn't a hoax, it's a COMPLETE JOKE!

Busted! Al Gore the global warming whore, has been caught again doing what he does best...lying HIS ASS OFF. The article above on yahoo news originates from the AP (Associated Press). This article concedes that yes a few glaciers like the one in Argentina "do not all respond equally to climate change". I pretty sure ice is ice no matter how big and if the "world" is "warming" or the climate is "changing", all the ice is gonna start to melt, stay the same, or get larger. If the WORLD is changing EVERYTHING in the world will have to change there is no glacier going "You know it's getting hotter but I'm gonna keep on defying science and grow". Tom, it is defying science, NO global warming is based off a bunch of lousy computer models. This article is all "Oh, this glacier is different and is growing, but don't worry my sheeple global warm... i mean climate change does exist". Last I checked climate change is a, uh, umm, oh yeah, the FOUR SEASONS (The ones you learn in preschool! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, wait this just in Al Flies Big Jets and McMoneyMaker Gore says there is a new season CO2 DOOM!). Well asshole last I checked CO2 was what we exhale and plants intake and with newspapers going out of business( and more trees in business the CO2 levels won't grow uncontrollably. Not that we were ever in any danger except from being taxed into economic meltdown... oh wait that already happened (Thanks President Bush, and Obama, we all really appreciate it!!!). This is PROOF that government will lie to YOUR FACE. WAKE UP to Obama and the Climate Czars and the coming Carbon TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

When Tyranny is about to die, more and more lies it will try.

The title of this post is because the evils in the District of Criminals are being defeated slowly as the Federal Reserve slowly dies. I mean it's going to be audited as the vote to do that is slowly reaching a passable majority. So the "WMD's" were a lie and the "terrorists are everywhere and gonna getcha" line is dying like a deer struck by an eighteen wheeler. In reality, North Korea is dangerous but do we really need to go to war with them? NOOOO!!! Dangerous and a THREAT are different, example (dangerous= Iran, North Korea vs threat=USSR, Nazi Germany) Then Don't try and start another TRILLION dollar war with a dangerous nation whose dictator is dying and the country is a cesspool. I mean North Korea is a worthless piece of shit nation, until they or the US government proves without a doubt they will be a THREAT or VERY REAL DANGER (like they actually provoke something, that's not a Gulf of Tonkin hoax). I mean enough with this bullshit fox, yahoo, google, cnn, and msn we don't want your crap! We (Americans) want to help out countries like Iran who have election fraud by diplomacy not slaughtering anyone who isn't white and has a crazy leader (who obviously is LOVED by EVERYONE..cough..cough). You have proven fear mongering is all you really do, not reporting. All these semi-corporate, semi-state run media outlets dance around about the "IMMINENT DANGER" of Iran and North Korea. Why? Not for peace and prosperity, no because they know war = money, ratings, and most importantly power. Just because some nations are assholes doesn't mean we have FORCE them to become a DEMOCRACY... that doesn't sound very democratic to me. Since liberty is almost dead, soon tyranny will take its stead!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Financial Fallout!

The link above doesn't link you directly to a article about financial catastrophe. The link, will link you to a msn web page that connects to hundreds of articles about the economic apocalypse, such as the DOW dying as dead as a doorknob ( The economy is in the tank we know that, even if you HAVE been living under a rock for the past 3 years you STILL probably know about the state of the economy. The best way to guarantee the economy dies, besides sucking the lifeblood (taxpayer TRILLIONS) out of it, is to make people FEAR investing, fear, fear, and more FEAR. Tom... shouldn't we fear the stock market and investing? Fear it, no, be very cautious and don't rush things YES. If we don't atleast make an attempt to stop the boulder from rolling down the hill in towards town we might as well help speed it up. There are smart investments out there, I'm no investor and I don't suggest going to a weaseling stockbrocker, RESEARCH. You learn a little, little bit from government education, but you learn A LOT and the TRUTH from independent research and talking to your fellow citizens! I just finished a talk show on my (, I got so worked up I had to end it 10 minutes early. Now it was better than my 2 previous attempts which were ended either immediately or butchered like a beef cow. It was good and informative then I went through the news too fast and started recycling (which would of been ok) stuff I'd talked about earlier. Then I just got into it and started forgetting who ran what so it got a little too hectic, but I enjoyed it (except for the my throat tearing). If you enjoy truth and freedom or this blog then you'll love the show. Remember if you break a economic criminals right arm (EXCESSIVE taxes), he can still slit your throat with the left (hyper inflation).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Political pricks have time to twitter while the economy is in the gutter!?

I'm going to try and keep this short like the twittering these jackass politicians are using to be social. You want to be social? Fantastic! Do it after you fix the economy and shrink our deficit to a manageable number like 1 or 2 trillion! You shouldn't be allowed to twitter lies about what you are doing and how great you are making America. You're destroying jobs and taking control over EVERYTHING. The only way you should be twittering is if you are resigning from office or asking for real opinions on the things the PEOPLE want. No more campaign lies and doing what your political pimps tell you to do, your ass is OURS! Come on, listen to the people for a change and stop wasting your time and ours while you suck at what you were elected to do. I think if you break more than 1/4 of your campaign promises you should automatically have to resign forever! Enough with the lies, the PEOPLE deserve better than you worthless sack of shit cowards who can't even do the smallest task without destroying the country. People kick these liars out of office and elect PEOPLE so we can have a government "by the People and for the People" again! Remember you political pieces of trash, WE THE PEOPLE are who you answer to, you get power from "government by the consent of the governed"!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrity News isn't NEWS

As I said in my last blog, part of this sites job is to inform you not only on news that the mainstream twists but news that really isn't NEWS. Example: (these are BOGUS examples btw) NEWS: Obama announces GM headquarters was just a CIA secret base, NOT NEWS: Lindsey Lohan says she isn't the only celebrity with fake boobs. The first example is what would be a media twist by acting like it is not big deal, the second example matters to nobody except some airheaded bimbo with no life. You want to learn that Britney Spears has had more sex the universe has stars, FINE! Don't put in on the damn NEWS, put it on ET or E!, foxnews, cnn, msnbc are SUPPOSED to be for information that could affect you or the world. NEWSFLASH the religion of Tom Cruise is of zero coincidence to anyone! Now if the news is over media controversy like was American Idol biased against gays, that's kinda news that you discuss for less than 5 minutes then move forward. That is not the friggin' headline for the next three days! Mainstream Media- mixing mush with misinformation to feed to mechanically morphed morons.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cycling through sites, blogs, vlogs, and more

I try to keep my blog on the political issues but there are two problems with that: 1) There is always political BULL to rant and rave about ,but eventually that would be boring day after day and then day in and day out. Therefore I will add my hatred of the not real "news" with blogs on important stories these little media whores love to ignore. 2) NOBODY will hear the REAL NEWS (you know the shit that fucks with everyday Americans) and nobody with similar ideas will be able to congregate here or if they become fans (ok, seriously nobody will give a rat's rear end about this blog in the long run).

I need to promote and am trying to connect TONS of people and that way we can become another small or hopefully in a few years large political force or group. So I'm going to put all the links to my other outlets like,, and ect on the website so it creates a CYCLE of going from here to there and back. Hopefully, people will look into stories and media lies/political poison, themselves because that's the main purpose of these websites. The different mediums will connect different people to the truth and bring more people together in a congregation of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Listen, I'm not here to be a Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Alan Colmes in amount of viewers, listeners, readers, or what have you, but my goal is just to match the audience size of less renowned hosts like Rollye James, and local/latenight talk show hosts (roughly a 5 to 10 thousand, which is minuscule in a world of roughly 6,800,000,000 ). I know they probably have more like 10's and 10's of thousands of listeners/viewers but I don't need an audience THAT big (though I'd LIKE it). Now everybody who comes to the blog will be whining "You just want fame and money". No, my family is supporting me as I'm in college, so I don't NEED money. Unlike politicians I'll be honest, I would LIKE some money and a little popularity. Now my main point, my love, my dream is to bring the people with different ideas together and recreate a melting pot that made America great. Not a demopublicans and republicrats drone society, I think government can only be change by a large demographic of people coming together to use the system against itself and electing true constitutional leaders. My idea for America isn't a new idea in fact it's over 200 years old and guess what it worked until about the early 1900's when corruption infested the system like it will do for as long as we live on God's green (especially green if Al Gore whores out global warming until he's blue (or green) in the face) earth.

I'm going to plug in the other channels and outlets I'm using to create a place for the millions (in reality there are millions of US out there) who are ticked off with "politicks" as usual. Long Live Liberty, We Will Defeat Tyranny!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You don't think it's propaganda?! I do, why? Swine Flu!

WHO (World Health Organization) is considering going to "LEVEL 6" on the pandemic scale. They say the flu is still spreading rapidly throughout the world. That's great but WHO did you know "who" the swine flu isn't really affecting especially compared to the regular flu? Pretty much everyone, I mean there have been around a few hundred cases in the U.S., with like fewer than 10 deaths. Oh, and most of the deaths the people had compromised immune systems (no shit)! WHO is still trying to hype it, I mean maybe if it had been as bad as msn lied about in this article ( It's killed less people than the normal flu and the people it is killing would just as easily die from the flu. Why doesn't WHO quit and do something about a real pandemic? "A real pandemmec?", yeah like AIDS and HIV which has already infected MILLIONS and there is no cure. Then again why would the government want to take responsibility for an escaped bioweapon? Don't say it isn't, I mean it has two stages like no other known virus. You're infected and it rests inside you for 5-8 YEARS then it goes crazy. That was a biology lesson for those who failed biology or are just uneducated idiots. Now I'm not Einstein but I reesearrchhh, then I realized hey the government wants to screw us over. If medical companies cure AIDs people will get rid of it, eventually. Now if they bullshit us and give us "treatments" they make way more money in the long haul.

I regress they are putting millions into a vaccine for a flu strain with normal lethality, yet AIDS that is 100% fatal eventually (except for Magic Johnson, I know he still has HIV. Luckily for him it hasn't turned in AIDS.) isn't that big a deal? The 1976 swine flu killed 1 person and the vaccine killed over 20 people, do the math. The government wanted EVERYONE to get a vaccine because the fear of another pandemic like in 1918. The LA Times ( spins and says oh the medicine is much better now and this and that. It's definitely better now ,but spending millions when the economy is in more trouble than a bungee jumper without a harness. That's just stupid and then vaccinating the people just in case, like HPV vaccine that's for just in case (and killing tons of young girls). Please don't let the media make you blind the government needs swine flu out of the spotlight so when it has another little comeback they can be the saviors. Ignorance is bliss unless your about to be ENSLAVED!