Saturday, June 6, 2009

Political pricks have time to twitter while the economy is in the gutter!?

I'm going to try and keep this short like the twittering these jackass politicians are using to be social. You want to be social? Fantastic! Do it after you fix the economy and shrink our deficit to a manageable number like 1 or 2 trillion! You shouldn't be allowed to twitter lies about what you are doing and how great you are making America. You're destroying jobs and taking control over EVERYTHING. The only way you should be twittering is if you are resigning from office or asking for real opinions on the things the PEOPLE want. No more campaign lies and doing what your political pimps tell you to do, your ass is OURS! Come on, listen to the people for a change and stop wasting your time and ours while you suck at what you were elected to do. I think if you break more than 1/4 of your campaign promises you should automatically have to resign forever! Enough with the lies, the PEOPLE deserve better than you worthless sack of shit cowards who can't even do the smallest task without destroying the country. People kick these liars out of office and elect PEOPLE so we can have a government "by the People and for the People" again! Remember you political pieces of trash, WE THE PEOPLE are who you answer to, you get power from "government by the consent of the governed"!

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