Friday, May 29, 2009

If you choose right or left, your WRONG!

So you think the left and right are polar opposites in a bitter battle? Somebody has been watching too much propaga... I mean news. Read the article above and if you still don't believe me then you are either high off your rocker (if that's the case come back in a few hours when your not baked) or you are as intelligent as a foxnews anchor. I mean if this article of Bush defending Clinton's evil and vice versa won't convince you it's 2 sides of the same coin, what will? They call each other "brother" it's like they are two princes of a kingdom. Well I mean they use executive orders to create a dictatorship for any future presidents. All they need is to seize a crisis as an opportunity to institute martial law, and mass arrests. They just disband congress or have congress all come together and be "Oh, yeah we need this or else WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!". Then the morons who have been breastfed by the media will all scream and wet their pants and "tada" we are now under control of whoever the really runs the show (politics). Tom, they don't all vote the same and they all disagree on lots of issues. Really? Like how they disagreed on a war in Iraq or on the Patriot Act? What about on the MIACC report? Oh wait they had no say in the MIACC report or much less the truly important shit that decides where our country is going! This blog isn't that great but I didn't do it all at once so my thoughts are jumbled but come on don't believe this Left vs Right because if that was true then all the big bills that kill liberty wouldn't of been passed. Then lets say they do dispute stuff then just add it in another bill until it passes, I mean like in the Screw You Taxpayer Give Us All Your Damn Money Bill (TARP). I mean most congressmen and women can be bought or threatened or bribed or tricked into doing whatever they puppetmasters want. It's like a movie the two sides can fight and quarrel as much as they want but in the end the direct and use them to do anything in some form or another. Liberty will prevail, oh tyranny I hope I live to see your coffin have it's final nail, from the rooftops we will cry "Tyranny is dead! Liberty and Prosperity can thrive!"

(I know the poem was really corny and sucked, but the article's purpose should be clear enough that a retarded monkey could understand it.)

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