Thursday, May 28, 2009

War, the new administration wants more!

This is a faux news report from an army chief saying we could fight North Korea. Most people are probably saying yeah, so? If you have been paying any attention to the propaganda we call the news in the United States, you'll know all the BS about we must now fight North Korea or prepare for a nuclear war. This is ridiculous because there is still the media who tries to convince the Bush whores "Iran is al-quaeda and they are gettin sum nukes frum North Krea so we's gots to go get 'em". I've seen this trying to relay the connection the only thing Iran sees is a UN and US to pathetic to stop a honestly small country like North Korea to from getting nukes. So Iran says "Hey, North Korea can have them why can't we?", which is sort of valid but then again North Korea isn't supposed too. Also there is the plausible theory that North Korea is detonating tons and tons of dynamite to create the seismic reading that nuke would. If they have nukes they are tiny and our own damn fault for being to wimpy to tell them to quit or they'll get it. I mean instead of wasting trillions in Iraq, let them take over their own country.

Then we can focus on North Korea and see if they have WMD's, I can't imagine another war over non-existent weapons. Anyways I've been ranting this whole chief saying we can fight North Korea is just to make another boogeyman because Iraq isn't doing it. The media's wetdream CNN or Fox or MSN, whatever is to make America give up their rights so the government can protect them. Iran who is supposedly in bed with North Korea who will more than likely be passed up for Iran because Iran has oil. Iran is a radical muslim country, North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship where Kim Jong Il is casted as god. Why would these two have anything to do with each other? Answer, they wouldn't, if Roger Ailes (fox news) or Ted Turner (cnn) can convince you Iran and/or North Korea is a threat so you must let all these laws come into play Then they get money and more power over the talking heads they own (through lobbyist) in government. That's why they sell propaganda, they get money from the government throught the backdoors from government officials and then they get ratings, and money. Money equals more lobbying power and it is a cycle. If the propaganda of the great North Korea threat turns out to be a big deal then the government gets its war and its power. If the media does it's job North Korea can "cough" the wrong way and we go to pay for another trillion dollar war.

Lastly, just pray North Korea is not supported for their stubborness by Iran because then you can almost garauntee another war or skirmish is coming so Haliburton and Cheney can eat it up. Also don't forget Geithner and the Clinton's get your tax money trillions to another war the rest well it can disappear like it has in the banker bitch slaps the US taxpayer bill. Stand up don't be silenced, call your representatives, if they don't listen kick 'em out, and put an AMERICAN (common person) who lives in AMERICA (not beverly hills or hampton) in office!

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