Monday, August 17, 2009

President: Breaking while he should be preventing BRAKES

This post will be really short because it's a simple pain in the ass all presidents do it, pile of crap. When there is trouble going on with the United States the president finds it a good time to go on a vacation. Yes, he has kids and a wife but when you are ELECTED to the MOST powerful position on the planet (supposedly), your job is to work your ass of until you've satisfied and stabilized the problems that ail the nation. Obama is trying to destroy and overhaul healthcare, he's digging a deeper deficit, and breaking promises and NOT representing the people. Play with your damn kids in the white house, it's huge they can run around, they aren't even 10 years old. Let your wife take them on a vacation, OBAMA, YOU fulfill your promises to those who elected you and FOLLOW the constitution. If you earned the job it's a 9 to 5 job, if you were given the job you work your ass of 24/7 to make sure you employers are happy. Obama you are a employee who doesn't deliver his work on time, messes up the business plan, and spits in the face of your bosses. You by all accounts should be fired as a worker, but your an elected official so hip hoppity hip it into high gear and do what you said or resign and GET OUT of DC.

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