Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cash for Clunkers is Carelessly Creating Craters of Cashlessness for our Childen

Cash for Clunkers Extension to Our Problems

George W Bush made our already declining education system plummet with "No Child Left Behind". Barack H Obama is making our already deathly ill economy decline with "Cash for Clunkers", his mistake just hasn't caused direct harm... YET. Well doing it once is a mistake, doing it twice when a majority of Americans don't want it that's just dumb (Link to Americans Against $4C). Realize it says 54% of AMERICANS, not republicans or independents or libertarians. Also last I check which was a few minutes ago Rasmussen is a reliable polling source so no use arguing that point. This post will be short and to the point, hopefully. It sounds good trade in your automobile or "gas guzzler" and get $4500 down on a fuel efficient vehicle. Problems, why not a down payment on a house? I don't need a car I need house (apartment in my case), so why can't the government pay me? The government handing out money equally aka redistributing the wealth is socialism, we are supposed to be a democracy. "Tom, how is this socialism?", simple the definition of socialism is: Any one of various theories of economic organization advocating state, public or common worker ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation. This is the state giving goods in an "egalitarian" way, free enterprise or having the effin' company buy cars is capitalism the state doing it IS NOT.Now apart from a small step towards socialism obviously the government hasn't take over the entire economy... YET. Well they will pretty much once healthcare goes to hell in a handbasket or over to the government. If you take money from someone, you EVENTUALLY have to pay it back with INTEREST. So sure it works now but in 20yrs when taxes shoot up because we are TRILLIONS more in debt, you can look back and say if we hadn't wasted money on cash for clunkers and the Dubya and Obama stimuli packages. "Aha! Tom you idiot the fuel efficiency of these new cars will save Americans money in the long run so you fail!", Oh NO, I never thought of that except when every far left and some right wing websites throw it at you. Problemo, experts estimate it would only improve gas mileage on average a whopping...4...m...iles. Wow! Now I can drive to my neighbors house and back in my car that I'll be paying our the ass for in taxes.

I mean it might even be different if we HAD the money, not a $13 TRILLION+ deficit. Lastly, it's supposed to stimulate the economy and be energy efficient. So by spending billions we add 2 to 4 miles to our cars on average and help once struggling industry over the others like housing and banking. The idiots who say Obama is looking out for are future need to realize if it saves money down the road it doesn't do much good with all the interest that accrues from the debt it creates NOW. Investing for the future was a great idea when we had money to invest, also all the money it will take to build new factories and new engines for cars will cancel out the TEMPORARY jobs it creates. Besides Obama is bought and paid for by lobbyist you seriously think he would overthrow his Oil Oligarchs?

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