Thursday, October 1, 2009

MSNBC reports on AP story that is.... Actual News

2nd AMENdment

First to get the bullshit out of the way which in this case is created almost entirely by me. The title to the story is "Piece Be with You", I changed it to "2nd AMENdment". I bolded AMEN in AMENdment in case you government educated morons were not sure what I meant. The other bullshit to deal with is MSNBC is not a news organization they like Fox will use a few news stories to mix in the with the other bullshit to make them "seem" honest. Also the AP or Associated Press and Reuters are better than the big three (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) but they still are biased and need to be researched. This article isn't from MSNBC they just linked a good story from AP since they (MSNBC) have nothing to show anyways. This article will be short and will be a rare praise of a news article. The article talks about how not only pastors but other people are now allowed to carry concealed weapons in Michigan. Detroit is where crime has risen and this pastor used a gun to protect himself. It shows the benefits of using a gun safely and doesn't pull any scare tactic crap. The story defends him and his right to some extent which is good because there is always a group of testicle lacking cowards who want to take this right or restrict it so it becomes as useless as the government is at solving problems. I can't go a whole post without dissing the government so before I end this post, why the hell do we need a law to tell us what is in the "Bill of Rights". I think a concealed weapons permit should be a sign on your neck that says "Second Amendment....No more questions". There need to be some, some restrictions like having a gun within the vicinity of the president or congressman or chief justice, governor, ect. I know it would be great for total firearm freedom but we live in age that has seen Lincoln, Mckinely, JFK, MLK, and RFK be assassinated with an attempt on Reagan. Since the weapons have become more dangerous we can't have a rifle within sight of the president unlike prior to the mid-1800's. "Second Amendment....Any Questions? Thought not."

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